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Work Permits

Virginia law requires students under the age of 16 to obtain a work permit prior to beginning work.  To obtain a work permit, please complete the following forms and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 276-236-2991. 

Instructions for Obtaining a Worker’s Permit



  1. Fill out the bottom portion of this instruction sheet and put it in Bill Sutherland’s mailbox in the GHS office.
  1. Have the person you plan to work for complete the white form (Intent to Employ). A worker’s permit is with a specific business/organization.
  1. Have your parents complete the pink form (Permission for Employment). Your parents must either
    1. Come with you when you bring the forms back, bringing their picture ID.

(if you choose this option, call to be sure I will be in my office), or

    1. Have the pink form notarized.
  1. Bring the white and pink form to Room 41 in the third building – you may want to call from the main office to be sure I am in my office.


Please complete the following and put it in my box so I can begin the process while you are getting the two forms signed.


Bill Sutherland

Name _____________________________________________________________

Age____   Date of birth ___________ Grade _______Phone Number __________

Place of birth ________________________________________________________

Parent’s name:______________________________________________________

Parent’s address: ____________________________________________________

Your address, if different from parent: ____________________________________